How well do you know your body?

Fascia is the band or sheet of tissues that connects the muscles. The fascia surrounds, attaches, encloses and separates the muscles from other internal organs. From our daily stressors and stresses in life, we experience pain and cramps of our muscles from day to day. To know more about our body and the fascia, we encourage you to read more.



The Bowen Therapy Organization does not intend to be a substitute for any professional advice, diagnosis, medical treatment, or therapy. The professional team of Bowen Therapy organization prepared contents for you to read about your fascia. Always seek for a consult from your physician, never disregard professional advice nor daily consult.

Going Pain-Free With Bowen Therapy

The fascia is anatomically a soft tissue connected to our muscles and from the other internal organs, it is physiologically for surrounding, attaching, enclosing and separating the muscles from other internal organs. A Bowen therapy is a treatment of the whole person; whether it is a mental, social and physical symptom of a disease, this technique is historically made and works on the connective tissue of the body. Bowen therapy is usually advised to people who are experiencing muscle ache, muscle spasm, and muscle tears. Bowen therapy focuses not only on the condition but also the totality of the well-being of the human. This therapy is a noninvasive technique, complementary holistic technique. This technique targets distinct points on the body using with gentle rolling movements. These movements help the balance, repair, and reset of your fascia.

The clients who underwent Bowen therapy or Bowen technique are believed to have experienced recovery of energy, a reduction in pain, and an improvement of their body function. The Bowen therapy was developed by Tom Bowen, studies have shown and reported that the therapy has helped people with various conditions, and it is known to address stress and anxiety symptoms. There are mechanics to release your muscle tension, relieve your muscle pain and relieve your muscle spasm.

There are distinctive movements used in the Bowen therapy to certain points on the body. The moving of the soft tissues, such as the fingers, hands, and elbows or depending on the joint worked on uses the rolling type of movement. For it stimulates the pathways of the nerves and tissue, it creates and regenerates focus to the brain.

There are certain parts of the body we thought we cannot utilize. An example of this is the entirety of the spine, and we all know that the spine is a shock absorber of the body. With our activities of daily living, the spine will become stressed, as a part of this there are movements called the stoppers or blockers to be utilized to release the pain during the therapy.

Excessive therapy can also stress the muscles of our body, that is why Bowen therapy includes the principle of resting the body for a certain period of time to rejuvenate, and start the process of repair. The length of time for rest varies from one client to another. This principle of the therapy is called breaks, this is the least understood but the most important part of the therapy.

How is a Physical Therapist Different from a Chiropractor?

Patients with musculoskeletal problems have the choice of going to either a therapist or visiting an Oceanside Chiropractor. Most of them just go to their usual doctors. Others look for specialty doctors, who in this case are chiropractors.

Should patients visit a therapist or a chiropractor?

Both of these professionals provide useful services depending on the musculoskeletal problem. The choice of a massage therapist, physical therapist, or chiropractor depends on a number of factors especially the nature of the problem to be corrected. To know which professional to visit, it is important to understand the differences between them.

Physical therapists and chiropractors have various similarities. They go through a similar type of education that requires them to undergo many years of training although residency is a must for physical therapists. Another similarity is they both have to pass board or licensing exams. So, what is the difference between these professionals?

Focus and Extent of Treatment

The two professionals also differ based on the extent and focus of the treatment they provide.
Mostly, a chiropractor will either adjust or manipulate perceived spine subluxations. They focus on this kind of treatment until the patient is completely well. Many times, the patient has to see a chiropractor for several weeks or months.

Chiropractors rely on X-rays. A physical therapist, on the other hand, does not depend on X-rays. Instead, the therapist evaluates the patient for around 30-40 minutes. Afterward, the therapist develops an individualized treatment plan for the patient based on the evaluation. They evaluate general mobility, balance, posture, strength, body mechanics, flexibility, coordination, motion range, and endurance.

The treatment plans the therapist develops often includes:
a) Soft tissue mobilization
b) Spine mobilization

Other than those, the therapist will recommend specific exercises that improve the patient’s flexibility and strength. The exercises will also help in stabilizing the spine and are perfect for training the patient on right posture and improving ergonomics. Finally, therapists train patients on how to boost body mechanics for preventing pain from recurring.

Goal/Objective of Treatment

The other main area of difference is the goal or objective of the treatment.
A chiropractor’s objective is to restore stability and proper function of the spine and to improve posture by realigning the spine, relieving tension, and relaxing muscles. Mostly, chiropractors treat the following:
a) Neck pain
b) Back pain
c) Headaches
d) Pain in the leg, arms, and joints

The hands-on approach they use hinges in examining, diagnosing, and treating patients.
Generally, a physical therapist seeks to empower patients to learn to take care of themselves. Their main aim is to restore movement and function often after injury, or when affected by certain diseases. They also aim to improve mobility in patients affected by age. Their work is considered successful when patients experience improvement and/or restoration of mobility, balance, range of motion, and strength.

Therefore, the next time you need treatment you should be able to determine whether a chiropractor is your best bet or a physical therapist. Many times, you’ll need both of them to provide the complete treatment you need to be well again.


Testosterone is one of the major necessities for a man’s body to remain rejuvenated with
improved attitude and sex drive. However, some men tend to have reduced testosterone levels in their bodies, due to some various reasons. Medical science, however, has a new way around this problem, a therapy that promises rejuvenation of a man and all the advantages brought about by high testosterone levels. This new therapy has a lot of confusion including the advantages and
disadvantages and means of administration. People keep wondering whether it is safe, but how is testosterone therapy being done? To answer this question, this article points out the major means of administration of testosterone therapy and the people who can or cannot have the therapy.

Testosterone replacement therapy has different methods of administration and these are the following:

1. Injections

This is the most affordable means of administration of testosterone. It is highly recommended for men below the age of 40, apart from those who have bleeding troubles and disorders. The patient receives the testosterone through injection of a certain oil-based solution into the muscles. The testosterone releases in small amounts once the solution reaches the blood vessels. As a starting
dosage, the solution in administered after a period of two to three weeks in doses of 200 to 250 mgs. As the treatment continues, the doctor decides on the change in dosage depending on the age of the patient and the response to the treatment.

2. Transdermal patches

This method is a long-term alternative of administration. The testosterone sips into the body through the skin pores from the patches. The patches have substances to help increase the absorption rate. Not many men prefer this method of administration due to different reasons. For instance, most men hate having patches on their skin while they do their work. In other, more serious cases, the substances on the patches meant to increase the absorption rate, cause irritation in up to 60% of the men who use this alternative, who end up discontinuing the use for that reason.

3. Oral testosterone

This mode of administration is usually a last-resort for men who cannot use other methods. The method takes more time and is usually less effective than other modes even though it goes straight into the body. This method is also an option in cases where the discontinuation of the treatment can be an option. The doctor directs the dosage even though the usual dosage is 160-240 mg a day.

4. Implants

This is one of the quickest ways of testosterone replacement. This method of administration
is in pellets, 800 mg, administered into the body through the abdomen or the buttocks. The administration is in different period differences as the deficiency continues occurring. It is the most effective method of administration and doctors recommend this means for most men under the age of 40.

5. Gel

This is the simplest means of application. The gel contains a small percentage of testosterone and administration is on a daily basis. The 1% of testosterone in the gel, 59 mg, is absorbed through the skin of the man. The gel’s application should be on the shoulder, arm, or abdomen for better

Bowen Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a horribly painful foot condition, that is only going to grow worse with time if you do not take it seriously and actively work on. The condition can be caused by multiple causes, each of which will have to be addressed if you are to stand any chance of regaining your normal life. The quality of a person’s living standard is going to decrease the more painful the plantar fasciitis condition is. When you have PF, it will feel like you are standing in a bucket of shart metal fragments when you get out of bed in the morning.

Plantar fasciitis is caused by an inflamed plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is the ligament that runs from your heel to your toes, at the bottom of your feet. It’s the foot’s largest ligament and you couldn’t do without it. When it becomes inflamed, it thickens and stiffens. This makes it very painful to walk on. You will feel the pain caused by this condition in your heels. They will become so painful, that you will find living your day to day life near impossible.

What Causes Plantar Fasciitis?

The condition is heriditary, meaning that if your parents or grandparents have had to deal with it, odds are greater than average that you, at one point, will also have to deal with it. If you are overweight, the risk factor increases even more. Something that will also help in developing a case of PF, is having to stand up straight for long periods of time. You will often see store clerks, police offers, security personnel, or people in similar types of professions, develop plantar fasciitis. You can also get it from intensive activities such as hiking

There are things you can do to treat your plantar fasciitis. The sooner you get started on it, the better off you’ll be. The condition is going to become worse and more painful as time goes on, when you do not do anything about it. You must learn to recognize this condition if you want to be in time to treat it well. The goals of a plantar fasciitis treatment are as follows:

  • To improve flexibility and strength and to correct problems with your feet, such as too much pronation. This will cause you to not stress your ligaments so much.
  • To relieve the inflammation that is casuing the pain in your heel.
  • To allow the plantar fascia ligament’s small tears to heal.

Should you take your treatment seriously, and we here at Bowen highly recommend that you do, then odds are that you will completely recover within the span of a year. Out of a 100 people who are diagnosed with this affliction, around 95 are capable of curing their PF without the need for surgical intervention. Only the remaining 5 will need surgery. Since surgery is something to be avoided at all costs, it’s best if you give it all you’ve got on your treatment.

How To Treat Plantar Fasciitis?

There are many things you can do in order to help yourself conquer PF. Below you will find some methods that you can use in order to get yourself back on your feet painlessly. Not all these methods have been scientifically proven, but most of them work really well for most people.

  1. Improve your feet’s support by wearing good shoes (check out the that give you good arch support and that have great shock absorption. In most cases, that means you’ll have to go with athletic shoes. Just so long as the shoes have a well cushioned sole.
  2. Get good shoe inserts, or heel cups at the very least, in order to help cushion your heel. These sorts of inserts are available at many shoe stores or even drugstores. It’s always recommended that you put these in both shoes, even when you’ve got only one painful heel that needs them.
  3. Put some ice on your heel in order to reduce the inflammation. There are over the counter pain killers that you can use in order to further decrease inflammation, such as Naproxen or Ubiprofen. These are so called nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs that work well, precisely because they suppress inflammation. You can get these in either a pill or a cream form.
  4. Give your feet lots of rest. Reduce or stop activities that have caused your heel pain in the first place. Do not run, walk or jump on hard surfaces, such as concrete.
  5. Make sure to put on your shoes as quickly as you can after getting out of bed. Walking around on bare feet is not going to help you overcome your PF. As a matter of fact, it will make your heel pain even worse if you continue to do this for a long time.
  6. Do some simple stretching exercises, such as towel stretches, calf stretches or toe stretches. It’s most effective if you do these exercises multiple times per day. Since your heel pain will be at its worst early in the morning, it helps to start out your morning with these stretching exercises.
  7. Do not use only heat to treat your feet, such as heating packs or a heating pad. For some reason, heat will cause the situation to become worse for some people. When making use of a contrast bath, which alternates between hot and cold water, make sure to end the bath on cold water.
  8. Lose weight in order to decrease the stress you are putting on your feet, simply by being heavy. Whichever body weight you’ve got, it will constantly stress your feet for every second of the day that you are standing up. If standing up is part of your daily job, then losing weight is one of the most effective things you can do in order to cure your plantar fasciitis and to prevent future occurrences of it.
  9. Use night splints to keep your feet in a stretched position during the night. This will prevent pain in the morning. With PF, heel pain in the morning is caused by your plantar fascia contracting and spending hours in that position. Getting up stretches your stiffened plantar fascias, immediately invoking the dreaded morning pain. Prevent this by keeping them stretched with a night splint.

We at Bowen therapists hope you will be able to use the above advice to help yourself cure your plantar fasciitis. If you feel you need help, please contact us.

Bowen Therapy: Permanent Treatment for Sciatic Pain

Sciatica results from irritation or pinching of the sciatic nerve. Problems of the lumbar spine including; bulging disc, joint inflammation, wear and tear as well as spine degeneration are the causes of this irritation. Sciatica often affects one leg and causes pain, burning sensations, numbness, tingling and general muscle weakness in this leg due to compression of the sciatic nerve. It also leads to terrible back pains. Sciatica restrains movement and can lead to limping that leads to worse complications which can prevent working or engaging in sporting activities.

Sometimes people experience symptoms but are not sure whether they are sciatica symptoms. Here are two assessments that can give a clue unto whether the symptoms are sciatica related:- Straighten the knee in a sitting position keeping the side with pain parallel to the floor. If a shooting pain follows, it is likely sciatica. — The other way is to lie on the back or sit in a chair, bend the knee towards the same side shoulder then bend it towards the opposite shoulder. When you bend the knee towards the same shoulder there is usually no pain but when you try pulling it to the other shoulder, there is a significant increase in pain if the condition is sciatica.

The great news for anyone having symptoms of sciatica is that there is a technique called Bowen therapy for sciatica that has proven to be highly effective in calming sciatic pain. Bowen therapy is a gentle soft therapy which initiates the innate healing capacity of the body. In this procedure, the body is aligned and balanced in the lumbar and sacral regions relieving one of the pain. Bowen therapy successfully treats sciatic pain with permanent results after about three sessions. However, other complications that may have arisen from having the condition for a long time do require more sessions to heal depending on how long one has suffered from sciatica.

Many people who previously suffered from sciatica have come out to say what a remedy Bowen therapy was to their pain. They have resumed work and can now take part in everyday activities like everyone else.

How Getting Rid Of Debt And Other Burdens Can Make You Happy And Stress-Free

In this article, we will be discussing the following topic: “Stress-Free Life: Removing Debt and Other Burdens in Pursuit of Happiness”. Happiness differs from individual to individual and different folks are cheered up by different stuff in life. Nevertheless, there are several common things men and women can do to remain happy as well as stress-free and one of these will be to pay off debts as well as any other similar burden. With the tough economic times we are dealing with, an increasing number of people are having difficulties to pay off their debts.

Here are several reasons why paying off debt and other burdens will make us happy and joyful:

1. More of Your Cash Continues To Be Yours

While paying off debt you are actually paying cash to another person for absolutely nothing in exchange except the benefit of borrowing funds. You could be utilizing that cash to enhance your finances rather than putting your cash toward helping somebody else. You may keep more of your funds as soon as your debt is paid off and you are not paying that cash in interest.

2. You Can Begin Investing the Cash

Consider just how much wealth can be created in case, instead of having to pay interest on debt, you were actually generating interest from investments! By repaying the debt quickly, you will have a longer time to apply the concepts of compound interest to your benefit.

3. Enhanced Economic Stability

Since there is hardly any responsibility hanging over you, there will be a vast improvement of your economic stability. Even though you believe that you’re doing fine and that you will be able to deal with your present debt payments, and even though there are ways to remove collections and debt from your record (click to read more about this), consider what happens in case a sudden setback takes place. It’s a real worry once you have debt since your monetary condition is not going to be improved by your resources. You can commence developing an emergency fund to aid you in future after repaying your debt and it will be possible to put more for building a safe economic future.

4. Lessen Tension and Better your Relationships

Stress Free

One cannot deny the fact that debt does put a lot of stress on your relationships. Being concerned about responsibilities even if they might seem to be “affordable” can easily strain your feelings plus your relationship. Lots of anxiety and stress will go away as soon as a debt is paid off. You can cope with difficulties easily and it will be possible to communicate with your friends and family much better. Repaying debt will provide you with comfort while also boosting your relationship.

5. Get Prepared for Retirement

Lots of people aren’t ready for retirement and one significant reason for this is that they have an excessive amount of debt to pay off. In case you have monetary commitments, you will need to work for a longer time and retire later. It will be feasible to retire whenever you wish and perhaps even earlier by repaying your debt.

Thus it is evident from the above facts that it is imperative not to wait for paying off your debt. Get prepared now for repaying your debt as soon as possible which will certainly help to boost your financial situation as well as your life making you happy and elated.

What is a Bowen Therapy and How does it Differ from Regular Massage Therapy?

Many patients say that Bowen therapy is by far most gentle massage in regards to pressure and strokes. It is because of this that it is effective and popular among massage therapists all over the world. It is a form of holistic healing with the therapeutic massage that helps in relieving pain, treatment of sickness, releasing physical and emotional stress. It differs from regular massage therapists as it is very gentle as compared to the rest.

Although there are many types of massage that use light and gentle touch on their various massage strokes, Bowen massage still proves to be the best style in providing a safe massage for anyone who wishes to enjoy the pleasure it gives. Known for being able to effectively and safely treat babies as well as the elderly, this type of massage therapy proves to be a real deal in giving unconditional comfort to everyone. It uses light strokes with the use of the fingers and thumbs to stimulate the central nervous system and to loosen the tight muscles of the body.

History of the Bowen Technique

Tom Bowen developed this type of massage therapy during his years as a concrete worker while practicing on his co-workers. He believes that the benefits of therapeutic massage can be achieved when worked on the right principles. For this reason, the development of Bowen massage was introduced to the public in his clinic that he opened up after he became an experienced massage therapist during his years. By the time he was a well-known therapist, he was able to treat nearly 13,000 patients yearly.

A Light Touch

The idea of simply touching with light pressure was believed by Bowen to be effective in stimulating the entire body of a human being. This simple stimulation of the body triggers the body self healing mechanisms thus allowing it to quickly recover than they normally do. The gentle rolling of the hand is one of his four principles in his Bowen massage, and it is known as the Bowen move. The rolling process of the hand of the massage therapist or practitioner pauses for about two minutes in between touches as a part of the Bowen principles. It is believed that the body should not be forced to heal by itself by continuously working on the different parts that need attention. Pausing for a while helps the body rest for a while and recovers from the healthy process of massage therapy.


Bowen also believes that after the massage therapy session is done, there should be no further treatment or alternative and complementary healing therapy done on the patient in order not to interfere with the healing process from the Bowen treatment. Aside from these principles, this type of therapy boasts its effectiveness in relieving stress from the body. Most of the patients are known for falling asleep during the massage therapy which is a sign of how relaxing this therapy is especially when performed by a licensed and skilled massage therapist.

Improving Quality of Life in Your Old Age with Proper Dental Care

Oral health care pays you big dividends in the long run in the form of better life quality, increased confidence, freedom to eat publicly, fresh breath and huge savings because of the negated necessity of dental treatments. A set of white and healthy teeth contribute to an enthralling smile. Many people brush their teeth once or twice without knowing the correct way of brushing. Careless brushing won’t be effective in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

As you get old, you are exposed to many risks of dental problems, including gum decay, root disease, diminished sense of taste and having a dry mouth. Getting old doesn’t necessary mean you will have a poor oral health. Caregivers can ensure that they guide you or your loved ones on improving your dental health for increased quality of life in your old age. However, the following are important tips on how to take care of your dental health to keep your smiles in great shape despite your old age.

1. Routinely Brush and Floss

You can simply maintain your natural health by taking the best care of them. Brushing your teeth daily with toothpaste containing fluoride and daily flossing can remove heads and plaque that may build up. It is one of the most critical care to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Instead of chewing sweetened mouth fresheners to have fresh breath, you should rely on fluoride or mint based mouthwashes. They will help in keeping your teeth strong and plaque free.

Also, you would be saved from the damage that the sugar in those mouth fresheners causes. Switching to an electric brush can be a lot easier to access. Also, having long handled flossing tools can help those who have limited dexterity.

2. Make regular visits to your dentist.

Sometimes simple things, like being able to an apple, can really improve quality of life.To have a good dental health for increased quality of life in your old age, you need to make regular trips to your dentist. He or she will examine your teeth and also look for any recent changes while conducting a dental checkup.

This helps keep your mouth healthy and teeth strong. Your dentist is a professional, which means he or she can spot any small, almost undetectable problems early, which can prevent huge problems in the future. Visiting your dentist often enough will surely help you avoid bigger dental problems.

In case you have a wrong suspicion with your teeth, take quick action. Usually, dental problems can be serious ones. Others can even be life threatening. Make sure to take your dental health with serious caution. By visiting the dentist. In case something is wrong with your teeth, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

3. Get the most out of Dentures

Some seniors are struggling with dentures. Having a professional denture reline can improve the quality of your life. According to one dentist in Lynnwood WA, Having denture repair kits can be of great help, but they are not yet an adequate substitute for a professional denture care.  Additionally, you or your loved ones should know about other missing teeth solutions such as dental implants. You can ask your dentist about the many solutions that can be provided to any senior in maintaining his or her dental health.

4. Know the No-Nos

Maintaining an optimal oral health can be a challenge to seniors who are addicted to smoking. Smoking can increase the chances of developing periodontal diseases. If you are a smoker or your aging ones love smoking, you should always keep in mind about the risks. Also, excessive drinking of alcohol can cause oral cancer, hence you should take preventive measures to avoid critical dental problems.

The following tips can help you and your loved ones with the best practices in maintaining a good dental health for increased quality of life in your old age.

People assume that they can’t get dental problems unless they truly suffer from them. Infected and damaged teeth cause gum tissue’s damage by the spread of bacteria. Maintaining an optimal oral health can be challenging for many seniors. Therefore, it is the best time to get information regarding a professional dentist, who would provide you not only quality dental care services but would offer you tremendous opportunity to avail preventive measures too. An oral dental Surgeon can offer you dental surgery services in the right way.

Supplements and Medications to Add to Your Holistic Wellness Program

A healthy lifestyle leads to effectiveness and productivity when tackling any activity. And that is why Stephen. R. Covey in his book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” mentioned “sharpening the saw” as an essential habit for continuous improvement in performance and in the day to day life.

There are various supplements and medications that are available to boost performance, activeness and for achieving optimal health. However, you need to let your doctor be aware of any new supplements that you might want to add to your wellness program. In as much as taking supplements is good; exercising, drinking water and having a regular diet which entails consuming healthy meals should also not be overlooked.

The following are some of the supplements and medications you can add to your wellness program to boost your overall performance:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplements are essential in boosting of both nervous performance and the immune system of a human being. The supplements also aid in memory and assist in the reduction of diseases that ruin the human’s body e.g. cancer.

The Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 Fatty AcidsOmega 3 fatty acids have been known to improve heart performance and circulation, reduce inflammation and also serve as strong antioxidants.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a protein builder and ensures efficient and enough energy source for all the body cells. A patient with anemia can be lacking vitamin B12 thereby leading to poor red cell production.

Coenzyme Q10

This antioxidant assists in the manufacturing of the energy required by the body appropriately. This supplement can really promote undamaged cells which would result in lower risks of getting diseases.

Evening primrose oil

These supplements are used for arthritis, skin problems, breast discomforts, menstruation problems, asthma, hair growth and even for the prevention of high blood pressure in pregnant women.

Garcinia gummi-gutta

The Garcinia Plant (i.e. Brindle berry)

The Garcinia Plant (i.e. Brindle berry)

Formerly known as Garcinia Cambogia, this newly popular supplement is an extract from the Brindle Berry.  It’s known to have multiple different health benefits.  People use it for weight loss, reduction in depression and management of blood sugar levels.


These supplements are used to reduce fatigue, to ensure deceleration in the aging of the memory and the brain of the human being, to promote sound and consistent sleep which is essential in weight, blood sugar levels, and even energy.


The magnesium supplements promote the active functioning of the brain, muscle and nerve activity and the maintenance of the mitochondria which is the energy powerhouse of the body.


These are some of the supplements that you can add to your wellness program because they ensure healthiness in the gut bacteria. Probiotics are also essential in reducing depression, stress, stomach upsets and also poor immune functionality.


Creatine is an energy-giver. When going for your exercises, you can have a pill of creatine to give you an added power in your muscles and this will dramatically reduce the fatigue level as well. Creatine boosts on muscle strength and energy production.

In Conclusion

Wellness medication is simply for maintaining good health and not necessarily to cure illnesses. However, inquiring from the doctor for the best option to choose from is indispensable. The doctors are experienced and their recommendation should be the first priority. The supplements can tremendously improve on your performance, your undertakings, your efficiency and effectiveness in working in your organization and even in your energy level per day.









Therapeutic Wellness for Seniors – A Daily Approach

With growing age, a person undergoes lots of changes in his/her body structure, mental state and much more. But during this changes, lots of observations and maintenance is required to keep the body and mind fit and well. Regular therapies are very much essential for proper cardiac functioning, strong mental awareness, reflex actions etc.  When the body turns older and older it requires daily perpetuation and nourishment for proper function. Therapies are required daily for improving fitness, mental structure and longevity. Mental structure directly depends on the physical structures. So it is very much required to keep both the structures well and good. Lots of doctors, caregivers and therapists are deeply invested in the therapeutic well-being of elders.

  • The areas where elders faces problem with the old age are:
  • Hearing and visual memories
  • Sudden memory or ability to identify the object
  • Strength of the body
  • Energy and appetite level
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia and sexually impaired
  • Sudden behavioral action

Lots of therapies are studied for therapeutic well-being of elders and some good examples of these are:

Massage therapy

If this therapy can be medicated or applied on the elder person having osteoarthritis, he will get a good relief from pain and stiffness and there will be improvement in physical function within a few months

Elders will able to have a good deep and relieved sleep for a long time which will give a better health to the elder and every problem will be repaired by this message therapy.

This therapy can improve mental it avails a sooth relaxation and relief to the state. This gives rest to the mind which is also very much required for the physical structure building.

It avails a sooth relaxation and relief from all the physical stress and mental illness and reduces stress hormones. After reducing the hormone it allows the body to enter a rest and relaxation period.

Due to the growth of the age, there are tightening of the joints and muscles which make it very difficult to heal the illness and injuries because the range of movement is limited as well as restricted. So therapy preserves joints, connectivity tissues, tendons and ligaments free and fluid which keep the body less injury prone in the long journey.

Physiotherapy (PT)

Physical therapy for SeniorsThis therapy eliminates all the pains and illness inside the body and provides relief to the body. The body movement becomes free and relaxed.  This can be added in tandem with other methods, such as the use of support walkers (see a write up of those on this website), daily activities (PT usually comes in a weekly or bi-weekly fashion) and proper diet.  Medications should be used when necessary but shouldn’t be relied upon for whole welness.

These therapies can treat all the diseases due to which surgery or operations are avoided for which the elders don’t need extra pain for operation and the illness are treated quickly without any extra operation.

  • Helps to improve movement with relaxation and relief without any hurdles of pain and stiffness.
  • Helps to improve balance and prevent from fall of weight. It helps to keep body and mind stable without any disturbances. It keeps the body in control.
  • Helps the diabetic patient to improve the health and also help in controlling blood pressure level and sugar level in a proper ration and avail relaxation to the body.
  • Helps to overcome all the age related issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia etc.


The body of the patient will reconstruct again and it will regain faster that earlier.

  • Reduces illness, pain and anxiety which gives relaxation to the elders from every worry around him.
  • Reduces joint pains, ligament and tendon problem, muscles tightening and increase the fluidity of the joint which will increase the range of the movement.
  • Increases the strength level and resistance to every illness and pain and increases the balance of the body.
  • Decreases muscles tightening and contraction which becomes easier for the elder to move and become relaxed
  • Improves the mental frame of the patient and improves the feeling of winning the stage even at a little chance of improvement.

Every elder requires daily observation and maintenance for his improvement in the body as well as the mental frame but the more important part is the love and care from the family. The elder person of the family will surely have a faith on winning the diseases if he will be surrounded by love and care of his family member.

Coping with PTSD from Accidents or Injuries

An accident (such as a car accident) can be very traumatic – in more ways than you might think. A serious accident can cause death, property damage, serious physical injuries, costly repair bills, and other “surface” impacts. But there are issues and effects on victims that for years weren’t well understood because they aren’t visible injuries on the outside.

These impacts, including emotional distress, anxiety, depression and more could be from the experience of the accident itself, as well as the injuries that occur afterwards.

It’s called post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And, although it is more commonly associated with soldiers and their experiences in wartime, it has a very severe impact on a victim’s mental health from an auto accident as well. In fact, research has shown that auto accidents are the most traumatic event experience by most men (25%) and by second most frequent for women (13%). Overall, in any given year about six million accidents occur, affecting about 1% of the U.S. population. These accidents cause more than 3 million injuries.

Not everyone involved in an auto accident will develop PTSD from accidents resulting in injury. But many, about 9%, will.

And that is why coping with PTSD from auto accidents or injuries effectively is important in lessening the impact on mental health and general sense of well-being is vital in helping the victim lead a normal life… or as close to as they can get.

PTSD from an auto accident can manifest itself in many ways. Here are some warning signs to recognize in yourself or others. Go over this checklist thoroughly. Recognizing you have an issue with PTSD is the first step to overcoming this often-debilitating condition.

  • Fear of riding in vehicles or driving
  • Disbelief that the accident happened
  • Anger
  • Nightmares
  • Nervousness
  • Worry
  • Fear or sense of uneasiness
  • Guilt
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

In addition, the accident might always be on your mind – you constantly re-live the experience. With PTSD, these feelings and emotions don’t lessen or go away.

A major risk factor for developing PTSD after an auto accident include a pre-accident mental health issue (depression, for example), poor social and family support, and issues coping with previous traumatic events.

Another risk factor for PTSD is the level of severity of the injuries sustained by the victims of the auto accident, as well as how close to the death the survivors came. And if the victim of PTSD lost loved ones… that can be serious predictor of developing the disorder. Basically, the more serious injuries and the closer to the death the victim came, the more likely they develop PTSD.

Post-accident elements also play a factor in the development of PTSD. These variables include the rate of physical recovery from injuries. If there is chronic pain or disability associated with the injuries the chance of developing PTSD is increased.

The support the victim receives from friends and family, known as social support, is also important in helping the victim to start coping with PTSD from auto accidents or injuries. The “re-engagement” with work and social activities is key in this respect too. In fact, one recommended way to actively be coping with PTSD from auto accidents or injuries is to stay active with as much of the victim’s pre-accident activities like work as much as possible. Support from family and friends is necessary here in many cases.

A serious auto accident is well, traumatic. There may have loss of life, severe injuries, and other major issues. But there is help available. This doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

Here are some ways you can try coping with PTSD from auto accidents or injuries:

  • Talk to friends and loved ones and tell them how you feel.
  • Then, go to your primary care physician and explain your issues. But don’t stop here.
  • Next, go to a mental health professional, like a psychologist or therapist. They are better trained to recognize and treat PTSD. If you don’t seek this treatment, the consequences could be dire. Those who don’t will continue to have symptoms for six months or more.

Some of the possible mental health treatments to help someone start coping with PTSD from auto accidents or injuries include behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and medication.

All of these methods have been proven effective in treating PTSD. But every person’s case is different. It’s important to work closely with a mental health professional to plan out your individualized treatment plan.

For victim’s with chronic pain, treatment for the physical pain is also an important part of the treatment plan. You should try to stay as physically active as possible and get back to your regular routine.

If you’ve never been in an auto accident, you may not recognize the potential for accident victims to develop post traumatic stress disorder from the accident itself or their injuries. But it’s a very real condition that needs comprehensive treatment to help victims start coping from PTSD from auto accidents or injuries.