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testosterone replacement therapy

testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone is one of the major necessities for a man’s body to remain rejuvenated with
improved attitude and sex drive. However, some men tend to have reduced testosterone levels in their bodies, due to some various reasons. Medical science, however, has a new way around this problem, a therapy that promises rejuvenation of a man and all the advantages brought about by high testosterone levels. This new therapy has a lot of confusion including the advantages and
disadvantages and means of administration. People keep wondering whether it is safe, but how is testosterone therapy being done? To answer this question, this article points out the major means of administration of testosterone therapy and the people who can or cannot have the therapy.

Testosterone replacement therapy has different methods of administration and these are the following:

1. Injections

This is the most affordable means of administration of testosterone. It is highly recommended for men below the age of 40, apart from those who have bleeding troubles and disorders. The patient receives the testosterone through injection of a certain oil-based solution into the muscles. The testosterone releases in small amounts once the solution reaches the blood vessels. As a starting
dosage, the solution in administered after a period of two to three weeks in doses of 200 to 250 mgs. As the treatment continues, the doctor decides on the change in dosage depending on the age of the patient and the response to the treatment.

2. Transdermal patches

This method is a long-term alternative of administration. The testosterone sips into the body through the skin pores from the patches. The patches have substances to help increase the absorption rate. Not many men prefer this method of administration due to different reasons. For instance, most men hate having patches on their skin while they do their work. In other, more serious cases, the substances on the patches meant to increase the absorption rate, cause irritation in up to 60% of the men who use this alternative, who end up discontinuing the use for that reason.

3. Oral testosterone

This mode of administration is usually a last-resort for men who cannot use other methods. The method takes more time and is usually less effective than other modes even though it goes straight into the body. This method is also an option in cases where the discontinuation of the treatment can be an option. The doctor directs the dosage even though the usual dosage is 160-240 mg a day.

4. Implants

This is one of the quickest ways of testosterone replacement. This method of administration
is in pellets, 800 mg, administered into the body through the abdomen or the buttocks. The administration is in different period differences as the deficiency continues occurring. It is the most effective method of administration and doctors recommend this means for most men under the age of 40.

5. Gel

This is the simplest means of application. The gel contains a small percentage of testosterone and administration is on a daily basis. The 1% of testosterone in the gel, 59 mg, is absorbed through the skin of the man. The gel’s application should be on the shoulder, arm, or abdomen for better

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