Bowen Therapy: Permanent Treatment for Sciatic Pain

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Bowen Therapy: Permanent Treatment for Sciatic Pain

Bowen therapy for sciatica

Sciatica results from irritation or pinching of the sciatic nerve. Problems of the lumbar spine including; bulging disc, joint inflammation, wear and tear as well as spine degeneration are the causes of this irritation. Sciatica often affects one leg and causes pain, burning sensations, numbness, tingling and general muscle weakness in this leg due to compression of the sciatic nerve. It also leads to terrible back pains. Sciatica restrains movement and can lead to limping that leads to worse complications which can prevent working or engaging in sporting activities.

Sometimes people experience symptoms but are not sure whether they are sciatica symptoms. Here are two assessments that can give a clue unto whether the symptoms are sciatica related:- Straighten the knee in a sitting position keeping the side with pain parallel to the floor. If a shooting pain follows, it is likely sciatica. — The other way is to lie on the back or sit in a chair, bend the knee towards the same side shoulder then bend it towards the opposite shoulder. When you bend the knee towards the same shoulder there is usually no pain but when you try pulling it to the other shoulder, there is a significant increase in pain if the condition is sciatica.

The great news for anyone having symptoms of sciatica is that there is a technique called Bowen therapy for sciatica that has proven to be highly effective in calming sciatic pain. Bowen therapy is a gentle soft therapy which initiates the innate healing capacity of the body. In this procedure, the body is aligned and balanced in the lumbar and sacral regions relieving one of the pain. Bowen therapy successfully treats sciatic pain with permanent results after about three sessions. However, other complications that may have arisen from having the condition for a long time do require more sessions to heal depending on how long one has suffered from sciatica.

Many people who previously suffered from sciatica have come out to say what a remedy Bowen therapy was to their pain. They have resumed work and can now take part in everyday activities like everyone else.

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