Going Pain-Free With Bowen Therapy

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April 11, 2017

Going Pain-Free With Bowen Therapy

The fascia is anatomically a soft tissue connected to our muscles and from the other internal organs, it is physiologically for surrounding, attaching, enclosing and separating the muscles from other internal organs. A Bowen therapy is a treatment of the whole person; whether it is a mental, social and physical symptom of a disease, this technique is historically made and works on the connective tissue of the body. Bowen therapy is usually advised to people who are experiencing muscle ache, muscle spasm, and muscle tears. Bowen therapy focuses not only on the condition but also the totality of the well-being of the human. This therapy is a noninvasive technique, complementary holistic technique. This technique targets distinct points on the body using with gentle rolling movements. These movements help the balance, repair, and reset of your fascia.

The clients who underwent Bowen therapy or Bowen technique are believed to have experienced recovery of energy, a reduction in pain, and an improvement of their body function. The Bowen therapy was developed by Tom Bowen, studies have shown and reported that the therapy has helped people with various conditions, and it is known to address stress and anxiety symptoms. There are mechanics to release your muscle tension, relieve your muscle pain and relieve your muscle spasm.

There are distinctive movements used in the Bowen therapy to certain points on the body. The moving of the soft tissues, such as the fingers, hands, and elbows or depending on the joint worked on uses the rolling type of movement. For it stimulates the pathways of the nerves and tissue, it creates and regenerates focus to the brain.

There are certain parts of the body we thought we cannot utilize. An example of this is the entirety of the spine, and we all know that the spine is a shock absorber of the body. With our activities of daily living, the spine will become stressed, as a part of this there are movements called the stoppers or blockers to be utilized to release the pain during the therapy.

Excessive therapy can also stress the muscles of our body, that is why Bowen therapy includes the principle of resting the body for a certain period of time to rejuvenate, and start the process of repair. The length of time for rest varies from one client to another. This principle of the therapy is called breaks, this is the least understood but the most important part of the therapy.

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