Therapeutic Wellness for Seniors – A Daily Approach

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April 11, 2017
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Therapeutic Wellness for Seniors – A Daily Approach

Wellness for Seniors

With growing age, a person undergoes lots of changes in his/her body structure, mental state and much more. But during this changes, lots of observations and maintenance is required to keep the body and mind fit and well. Regular therapies are very much essential for proper cardiac functioning, strong mental awareness, reflex actions etc.  When the body turns older and older it requires daily perpetuation and nourishment for proper function. Therapies are required daily for improving fitness, mental structure and longevity. Mental structure directly depends on the physical structures. So it is very much required to keep both the structures well and good. Lots of doctors, caregivers and therapists are deeply invested in the therapeutic well-being of elders.

  • The areas where elders faces problem with the old age are:
  • Hearing and visual memories
  • Sudden memory or ability to identify the object
  • Strength of the body
  • Energy and appetite level
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia and sexually impaired
  • Sudden behavioral action

Lots of therapies are studied for therapeutic well-being of elders and some good examples of these are:

Massage therapy

If this therapy can be medicated or applied on the elder person having osteoarthritis, he will get a good relief from pain and stiffness and there will be improvement in physical function within a few months

Elders will able to have a good deep and relieved sleep for a long time which will give a better health to the elder and every problem will be repaired by this message therapy.

This therapy can improve mental it avails a sooth relaxation and relief to the state. This gives rest to the mind which is also very much required for the physical structure building.

It avails a sooth relaxation and relief from all the physical stress and mental illness and reduces stress hormones. After reducing the hormone it allows the body to enter a rest and relaxation period.

Due to the growth of the age, there are tightening of the joints and muscles which make it very difficult to heal the illness and injuries because the range of movement is limited as well as restricted. So therapy preserves joints, connectivity tissues, tendons and ligaments free and fluid which keep the body less injury prone in the long journey.

Physiotherapy (PT)

Physical therapy for SeniorsThis therapy eliminates all the pains and illness inside the body and provides relief to the body. The body movement becomes free and relaxed.  This can be added in tandem with other methods, such as the use of support walkers (see a write up of those on this website), daily activities (PT usually comes in a weekly or bi-weekly fashion) and proper diet.  Medications should be used when necessary but shouldn’t be relied upon for whole welness.

These therapies can treat all the diseases due to which surgery or operations are avoided for which the elders don’t need extra pain for operation and the illness are treated quickly without any extra operation.

  • Helps to improve movement with relaxation and relief without any hurdles of pain and stiffness.
  • Helps to improve balance and prevent from fall of weight. It helps to keep body and mind stable without any disturbances. It keeps the body in control.
  • Helps the diabetic patient to improve the health and also help in controlling blood pressure level and sugar level in a proper ration and avail relaxation to the body.
  • Helps to overcome all the age related issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia etc.


The body of the patient will reconstruct again and it will regain faster that earlier.

  • Reduces illness, pain and anxiety which gives relaxation to the elders from every worry around him.
  • Reduces joint pains, ligament and tendon problem, muscles tightening and increase the fluidity of the joint which will increase the range of the movement.
  • Increases the strength level and resistance to every illness and pain and increases the balance of the body.
  • Decreases muscles tightening and contraction which becomes easier for the elder to move and become relaxed
  • Improves the mental frame of the patient and improves the feeling of winning the stage even at a little chance of improvement.

Every elder requires daily observation and maintenance for his improvement in the body as well as the mental frame but the more important part is the love and care from the family. The elder person of the family will surely have a faith on winning the diseases if he will be surrounded by love and care of his family member.

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